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How Often To Get Upholstery Cleaning

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Keeping your furniture clean is a great idea to keep your home looking great and the environment healthy, but upholstery cleaning still shouldn't be done too often. Unfortunately, if the wrong methods are used by an upholstery cleaning company or you get the upholstery cleaned too often, the fabric could color bleed, fade, or otherwise get damaged. Mold growth can be a problem too if water gets soaked into the stuffing or filling material.

So, how often should you get professional upholstery cleaning? Well, that depends.

Do You Have Kids?

Your kids love to play and that means the furniture is going to get dirty, like it or not. They wind up putting their shoes on everything or spilling drinks all over the sofa. Cleaning up the mess is a never-ending job and it's sometimes a big hassle like when they get sick all over everything.

Our Winchester carpet cleaning company recommends that if you have kids, you'll probably need professional upholstery cleaning about every 9 months with in-between spot cleaning. Make sure your cleaning company only uses the most gentle upholstery cleaning methods.

For regular home care, keep your upholstery vacuumed with a hand-nozzle and clean up spills by dabbing with a clean cloth that's dampened with cold water and mild soap (damp, not wet or you'll get the stuffing wet).

Homes With Pets

Just like kids, your pets love to play so you'll find yourself wanting to get upholstery cleaning way more often. Especially important is to keep flees off your upholstered furniture because the eggs can get embedded in the creases of the fabric. Then, sometimes there's a mess you find occasionally if your pet hasn't been able to go outside.

For homes with pets, try getting the upholstery cleaned twice a year. You can also ask your upholstery cleaning service to come do spot cleaning to remove any accidental messes.

How Many Family Members Live In Your Home?

Most single people only need hire an upholstery cleaning company once a year or every two years. If you smoke, you may want the yearly cleaning. If you have more family members, the yearly upholstery cleaning may not be enough. Get it done every 9 months or more frequently.

Remember, it's important what type of upholstery cleaning method is used. Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, won't saturate the stuffing with water. It only leaves the surface damp. Additionally, the pre-treatment helps to remove odors. This is the method we recommend because we know it's best for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

If you are looking for a Winchester upholstery cleaning company then please call 540-535-1541 or complete our online request form.